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Key features of the platform

On-demand interview practice: Platform has a variety of interviews based on various skills, concepts & programming language. Students can practice any interview on the platform at any time from anywhere on any device.
Tutorial Short Video for quick revision: Platform has collection of selected tutorial videos of youtube on various important concepts. Students can revise the key concepts from the tutorial videos before giving the interview.
Assessment from credible Experts: Platform has experts who are experienced industry professionals, entreprenuers & faculties. Experts score the students on their communication, problem-solving & coding skills and highlight their areas of improvement.Find the list of experts - Here
View the sample Assessment Report - Here
Learn from Guidance Video & Best Peer response: In Guidance video, expert explains the approach to solve the problem & answer the question in detail. Best peer response video is the interview response of the best students on the platform. Student can learn from Guidance video & Best peer response after giving every interview.
View the sample Expert Guidance video & Best Peer response - Here