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Product Description : Our product offers a diverse range of subjects and skills related to various Tech/ Non Tech Roles,allowing you to choose and customize your learning path to suit your needs. Explore the details of each Role below.

Mock Interview Practice : Mock Interview practice simulates your next real interview, offering personalized expert feedback for enhanced confidence and performance.

Interview Duration : 30 minutes / interview

Role : Tech & Non Tech Roles

Full Stack Developer :

In-Demand Skill : AngularJS, Node.js, JavaScript, React.js, MongoDB.

Course Duration : 40 hours ( E-Content 30 hrs, Practice 10 hrs)

Industry : Information Technology & Services, Computer Software, Financial Services, Marketing & advertisement

Customer Service :

In-Demand Skill : Customer relationship Management (CRM), Team Management, Customer retention, Account Management, Software as Service ( SaaS).

Course Duration : 40 hours ( Content 30 hrs, Practice 10 hrs)

Industry : Information Technology & Services, Computer Software, Financial Services, Marketing & advertisement

Data Scientist :

In-Demand Skill : Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Python, and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Course Duration : 35 hours ( Content 23 hrs, Practice 12 hrs)

Industry : Information Technology & Services, Computer Software, Research, Education management

Growth Manager :

In-Demand Skill : Business Development, Team Management, Growth Strategy, Market Research, Market Strategy, Digital Marketing.

Course Duration : 50 hours ( Content 35 hrs, Practice 15 hrs)

Industry : Food & Beverages, Internet, Information Technology & Services, Marketing & advertisement, Financial Services.

Presentation Skill : Master code presentation & product demo skills tailored for job-specific situations, such as team meetings and client interactions.

Sales Skill : Master the art of storytelling, using right technique, relationship building, and closing deals  for job-specific scenarios like Cold Calling,Solution Selling ,Upselling and Cross-Selling.

Persuasion Skill : Master persuasion skills to effectively communicate, influence decisions, and win customers, tailored for scenarios like Product Returns, loyalty programs, and delivery delays etc.

Features :

Unlimited Practice Opportunities : No restrictions, practice at your pace, considering your learning speed and experience.

Price : Monthly Subscription of INR 2000/- per month per Candidate for Indian Candidates.

Eligibility : Working professionals, Freshers and UG/PG students

System Requirements : All you need is a laptop or smartphone with internet access.

Why Practice on GoPrac

1-on-1 Learning : Active learning driven by feedback to maximize your up-skilling & build expertise.
Industry Benchmarking : Your learning is aligned with industry demands, meeting current standards and requirements.
Multiple Job Opportunities : Get recommended to the best companies hiring matching skill sets..

How it works

Platform Customization : Platform is customized based on your Profile, Skills & industry sector.
Adaptive Questions : Our platform asks insightful questions to identify skill gaps and improve subject knowledge, problem-solving, and communication skills.
Personalized E-Book : Access personalized e-content tailored to your learning level and style, based on feedback analysis.
Easy to Practice: Our interviews can be conveniently practiced at any time, from anywhere, using your laptop or smartphone.


App Dynamics

GoPrac is a good platform. I have undergone a couple of interviews using GoPrac which makes me feel confident. The experts provided me feedback, which helped me improve in the areas that I’m weak.



Kaizenat Technologies

GoPrac helped me in my placement interviews. The one-on-one interview and feedback sessions highlighted my weakness. I am working on it, based on the guidelines provided by Industry Professionals on GoPrac.




This platform helped me identify my weaknesses & improved my skills. I could overcome my fear of interview. It helped me increase my confidence to face interview and test my technical skills as well.




GoPrac helped me to overcome my fear towards interview. Each interview & feedback that I have gone through have made me better every time. Thanks to the GoPrac team.




Platform is one of its kind. We can revise key concepts required to crack a job. They will tell us our drawbacks for improvement. It will be very helpful.



Trane Technologies

GoPrac is a great platform. It has helped me to improve my communication skill and make me more confident. Here you can select & practice different type of interviews which are important for Industry.

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