Did you know that 95% of IT professionals are found unemployable by corporates due to a lack of cognitive competency? To know more,
Cognitive Competency Coach
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Majority of IT professionals lack cognitive competency like problem solving,critical thinking in the area of their expertise.
Job Interview Insights of 19,009 IT Professionals with 0-10 years experience.
Why develop cognitive competencies ?

Interview Excellence

Double your chances of cracking a high paying interview in the first attempt.

High Employability

Solve complex project challenges & pave way for rapid job growth.

High Trainability

Quickly grasp and master any new concepts, methodologies, or technologies.

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  • Practice with our AI BOT, advances your cognitive competency to industry standard
  • 80% of client shortlisted candidates practicing over 3 hours received offers, compared to 15% of non-practicers

Our Testimonials


"Exceptional first experience with GoPrac. AI BOT shortlisted my profile, arranged direct interview with the hiring manager, resulting in job offer within a week. Highly recommended!."

Saurabh Bhatteja

“GoPrac is an excellent platform! Through multiple 1-on-1 sessions, I've gained confidence and valuable insights. The feedback has significantly improved my weaker areas for Technical Interviews.”


"GoPrac was pivotal in my placement journey. The one-on-one sessions and insightful E-Book addressed my weak areas, greatly enhancing my preparation for Design interviews."


"GoPrac is truly one-of-a-kind.It helped me master my Java problem-solving skills, offering invaluable insights for improvement."


"I got a call from GoPrac after being shortlisted for a Software Developer role at Sartorius Stedim India Pvt. Ltd. GoPrac's interview practice in C#, Dot Net, and MVC was invaluable, helping me clear the face-to-face round. Thanks to GoPrac, I secured the job offer!"

Ujala Kumar