Did you know that 95% of IT professionals are found unemployable by corporates due to a lack of cognitive competency? To know more,
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GoPrac uses advanced AI to extensively source and screen top talent, ensuring a perfect fit for your team's needs.
Skill Based Hiring
Meet candidates with high cognitive competency to mitigate risks of bad hires and improve employee retention.
High Conversion
Achieve an 80% interview to offer conversion rate, saving your Hiring Manager’s valuable time.
Speed and Scale
Attract interested candidates from 100+ sourcing channels for both tech and non-tech roles, and meet top talent within 72 hours.
How it works


Talent Requirement
Corporate provides a detailed job description of the role with headcount requirements to the platform.


Talent Search
AI searches for relevant candidates across multiple job boards, social media platforms, referral networks, and our extensive database


Talent Screen
AI conducts preliminary screening and interviews all interested applicants to identify the best available talent.


Talent Select
GoPrac submits shortlisted candidate resumes with comprehensive assessment reports to the Hiring Manager for selection.
Our Services
AI Sourcing & Screening
We charge 8.33% of the Total Compensation (CTC) upon successful hiring.
AI Screening
Conduct unlimited screening interviews on your database for free.

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