Our Story

We believe that most job aspirants have the potential to achieve a high level of learning as per Industry expectation. According to Dr. Benjamin Bloom (University of Chicago, USA), says your level of learning is highly dependent on your learning conditions.

At GoPrac, we're developing a next-generation upskilling platform designed to develop one’s level of learning by 10X, enabling you to grasp complex topics quickly and thoroughly. It bridges the skill gap between job seekers and corporations faster than conventional learning methods such as classroom settings, MOOCs, coding platforms, and test platforms. Our mission is to make India employable and productive.

Our Team

Nitin Rakesh Prasad LinkedIn Logo

Nitin, a serial entrepreneur with 20 years in technology and education, founded "The Gate Academy" in 2010, later acquired by UpGrad. He mentored 1.5 lakh students nationwide, facilitating their success in government jobs and higher education. Nitin's impactful contributions have been pivotal in shaping the educational journeys of many.

Jasmeet Singh LinkedIn Logo

Jasmeet, a technologist with 20+ years of experience, excels in web, responsive, and cloud app development. He has delivered exceptional solutions for clients in Pharma, Life Science, Manufacturing, and Retail globally. He loves solving problems.


Sushil Harish LinkedIn Logo

Sushil, a seasoned HR professional with 20 years of recruitment and training experience in leading companies across India, South East Asia, and the Middle East. Proficient in strategic planning, managing large teams and P&L, and consulting various companies for Campus to Leadership roles.