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Why partner with us

  • Increase you business: Courses are recommended to Job aspirants based on their skill gaps & interest. Course owners connect with interested candidates and sell their courses.

  • Enhance your product: Get FREE Job invites for your users & bundle your courses with GoPrac Practice interview to increase your users chances of cracking the real job interview. 
  • Analytics: GoPrac shares skills analytics to enable course owners to create new courses based on market demand.

How it works

  • Course Evaluation: Our Experts evaluate your course on various parameters like your customer experience, course content & market demand and decides to recommend your courses to GoPrac users.
  • Publish your Course: Fill your course details and upload collaterals & publish your course on the website.
  • Sell your Course: Course owners gets user credentials to access the interested candidate's skill report & contact details to interact for 30 days.
  • Pay on Sales: Fees is collected by course owner & GoPrac charges 10% of the course fees, post sales.
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