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Confidence | Communication | Behavioral | Problem solving | Coding skills

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Why partner with us

  • Save time & cost : Improve conversion by connecting to assessed & interested candidates which speed up your selection process. Invite to interview takers ratio is 70%.

  • Improve quality of hiring: Get unbaised (AI driven) feedback on variety of skills for ALL interested applicants.
  • Increase productivity : Internal resources can focus on their core job activities.

How it works

  • Customize Interview: Select Skill, Subjects & Coding language based on the JD of the role and generate the interview link.
  • Invite Candidates: Upload the email ids of the candidates & share job unlimited job interview email invite from GoPrac website OR You can directly share interview link with the candidates & monitor their status on our website. Login credentials will be shared with you.
  • Get Assessed Candidates: All the candidates are assessed within 24hrs from the time of interview and is presented in three buckets - BEST FIT, POSSIBLE FIT & NOT FIT candidates. Choose candidates based on their skill score and connect with them for further process of recruitment.
  • Pay on Success: Pay us 2% of the CTC of the candidate only if you offer job to the candidate.

Get unbiased feedback on

  • Behavioral skills - Verbal Communication, Confidence, Reading, Listening, Team skills & Code Walk through Capability
  • Cognitive skills - Concept Understanding, Problem Solving Approach, Critical Thinking in various subjects.
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