Skill Based Hiring Solution

Our Technology Helps Identify Best Candidates and Makes Hiring Decisions Faster, Easier, and Bias-free.

Meet the Best Talent | Improve Hiring Quality | Enhance Candidate Experience

Why partner with us

    Meet the Best Talent : Conduct multiple simultaneous screening Interviews to filter best talent, saving hiring manager's time, and get 80% interview-to-offer conversion rate.

    Quality of Hire : Take hiring decision based on unbiased comprehensive assessment to build a diverse team giving equal opportunity to every one.
    Enhance Candidate Experience : Candidates take interview at any time and get a realistic interview experience through our fully automated and adaptive video interviews.

How it works

    Customize Interview : Select skills, subjects & coding language based on the JD of the role and generate the screening interview link.
    Interview ALL Applicants : Send interview links to applicants, enabling them to complete the screening interview instantly without the need for human intervention.
    Meet Evaluated Candidates : Shortlist candidates based on their skill match and process them for face to face interview.

Our Offerings

Assessment Tool

Features :

  • Automated adaptive video interviews with unlimited candidate outreach
  • Candidates can take interview at anytime from anywhere
  • Comprehensive feedback on behavioral and tech skills

    Benefits :

  • Interview ALL job applicants
  • Eliminate first round of Hiring Manager interview
  • Build a database of evaluated candidates

    Commercials : Pay on Success

  • Search & Selection

    Features :

  • Pre-Interviewed & Skill Evaluated Candidates
  • Multiple sourcing channels for a wider Candidate Pool
  • Integrated system to conduct Live interviews

    Benefits :

  • Achieve 80% interview to offer conversion ratio
  • Save Recruiters & Engineering Teams time
  • Reduce hiring cycle time & Improve quality of hire

    Commercials : 8.33% of the CTC

  • Employee Upskilling

    Features :

  • Tailor programs to complement your current training curriculum
  • Personalized, engaging and effective learning experience for employees
  • Holistic skilling - Develops Soft and Technical skills in tandem

    Benefits :

  • Enhance team Efficiency and Productivity
  • Foster agility by embracing evolving technologies
  • Empower employees with transferable skills for enhanced talent retention

    Commercials : INR 2,000 Per Month Per Person

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